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hello world!welcome to best travel and food blogs. myself labeeba,an engineer who adore travel and food.  According to me, the best way to connect with each city and its people is through food. this is a very personal blog where i love to share my little travelling experiences, the food i have tried while my journeys , some cooking experiences and food recipes of mine.

Iam based in kerala, the god’s own country. i am a person who loves to try every kind of food,i don’t have any kind of restrictions when it comes to food. that’s why i thought of coming up with best travel and food blogs. i think when you have a good company of friends with the same intrests, the journey would become much exciting and beautiful. i had some few good friends while in college,who were much alike me when it comes to food and travel,we had a lot good journeys together,had tried out different dishes and had spent a lot of quality times together.

i have tried to include food recipes that you would love to cook at home,travel stories and recommendations for where you should stay,what to eat,from where to eat ,what are the things to carry with and so on.

so I welcome you all to this little happy space of mine,come,eat and explore the world!


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January 1, 2020