Juice Factory

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We at Juice Factory strive to provide the best possible flavors- let it be fruits, vegetables or bevvys!, hot or cold. The ingredients that we source in order to provide our customers with the rich experience of tasting, come from across the world from the regions that are proficient in the cultivation of the same. Since the beginning of the millennia we had been providing the best juices and drinks to  the masses.

Innovation has been the primary method since it was launched. The company introduced new food types, such as canned fruit and vegetables, baked beans, etc. With time, Juice Factory will become one of the country’s best sources for Fruit Juice in Kerala. The journey from there was primarily focused on real foods, new vegetables and Fruit Juice in Kerala. Till date, this is the backbone supporting the brand. Juice Factory’s portfolio was pruned to focus on core products, i.e. smoothies & milkshakes.

Core-based transformations were based on ingredients. The center of all interactions was confidence, natural goodness, wellness, flexible and sweet taste. The brand has always been connected to the red color. Juice Factory, as of today, is more than just a bottle of Fruit Juice in Kerala and milkshakes. It is similar to children who are able to enjoy what they eat and grow up. Juice Factory, brimming with natural goodness, keeps mothers and children happy and smiling.

The reassurance for mothers is that they won’t have to worry about the development of their kids with their kids eating the products of Juice Factory. In fact, Juice Factory has always helped mothers in making healthy, healthy and delicious food items for children and continues to support them. It brings us back to Juice Factory’s origins, which are heavily founded on growing up as an eventful and exciting journey.


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January 1, 2020